Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Writing a Marathon

I interrupt my regularly scheduled programming (i.e. books on my Top Shelf), to bring you news on a marathon I'm writing. Yes, you read that correctly. Writing, not running. The Picture Book Marathon began the 1st day of February with the goal of writing a rough draft of a picture book every day of the month (except two). Ideally, by the time the marathon's over, I will have 26 rough drafts ready to polish.
Sound fun? Yes, it has been, although I'm only on day 9. We'll see if it's still fun when my literary legs start to burn and I'm short of ideas.
So far, I've written about homework, The Big Bad Bus, a fairy encounter with a hollyhock doll, a witch on a hill, and Scientist Jack, to name five of the nine. It's hard to say yet which one's my favorite, but it's usually the one I'm working on at the time.  
Why am I putting myself through such a thing? Several reasons. It's good exercise for the creative muscles, for one. Also, I like short projects. They've been a nice change from the novel I've been working on. But the biggest reason it to get some manuscripts ready for the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop in June. I haven't been to a picture book class there for several years, not since I worked on The Wheat Doll with Candance Fleming. I'm excited.
Will I see you there? It's not too late to jump into the marathon and get yourself ready.