Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happily Ever After

My family's a little behind the times, but we finally caught up with the series, "Lost." As we neared the end, I had mixed feelings. I'd heard complaints about the last episode, but I'd also heard good things. And so I wondered whose side I'd be on.

As we watched the finale, I found myself on the thumbs up side. I won't say more than that to avoid spoiling it for anyone slower than us at catching up. But I will say what, for me, makes for a satisfying ending.

1. The story needs to come full circle. Somehow the end needs to tie back to the beginning--questions posed there need to be answered. That doesn't mean every loose end needs to be tied up, but enough that I feel a sense of completion.

2. I enjoy a story with a big bang near the end, but the bang can't be the ending. A story needs to linger long enough for me to say good-bye to the characters. If an author has done his or her work well, I feel close to the characters and need that closure with them.

3. I need to feel a sense of hope. The ending doesn't necessarily have to be happy, but I'd like to feel that the potential for happiness is there, if not immediately, then somewhere down the road.

I believe the writers of "Lost" did all that.

Do you agree or disagree? Why? What makes a good ending for you?

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